Low pressure steamboiler

Low-pressure steam boilers from Viessmann are highly reliable installations with a long service life. They are often used in care centers and bakeries, for example.

The Viessmann low-pressure steam boilers have a pressure below 0.5 barg. We install these boilers at companies with a required steam temperature of less than 110ºC, to initiate steam-driven processes. They are used in care centers, bakeries and meat processing companies, among others.

We can usually supply these low-pressure steam boilers from stock. You can also contact us for renting and maintaining a low-pressure steam boiler. Do you use a supply temperature above 0.5 barg? Take a look at our high pressure steam boilers.

Three-pass steam boiler

Many low pressure steam boilers are built as two-pass boilers, a cheap installation, but not as reliable. We only supply three-pass boilers due to major differences between two-pass and three-pass steam boilers. The construction is decisive for a carefree process. It is also important that the installation complies with the regulations regarding emissions, which have been amended since 2017. Two-pass boilers do not comply with the new regulations whereby the emission may be a maximum of 70 mg NOx.

We supply low-pressure steam boilers from Viessmann, which are built as a three-pass fire tube boiler and meet the most stringent requirements.

Advantages of low pressure steam boiler

A low-pressure steam boiler from Kuiper en Zonen offers your company many benefits:

  • Relatively low purchase price
  • Low operating costs (no inspection obligation NL)
  • Significant gas savings compared to a high pressure steam boiler (low flue gas temperature)
  • High quality that guarantees high operational reliability and a long service life


Main features low pressure steam boiler

Below you will find the most important product features of our low-pressure steam boilers:

  • Boilers with a pressure lower than 0.5 barg (available in special version up to 1.0 barg).
  • Low energy consumption; Due to the lower flue gas temperature, our low-pressure steam boilers have a boiler efficiency of approximately 94%.
  • High steam quality due to a large steam room and large evaporation surface.
  • Lower NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions due to a low combustion chamber load and water-cooled front.
  • Good circulation and heat transfer due to the wide water walls and large distances between the flue gas pipes.

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Why choose Kuiper en Zonen?

  • Professional steam boiler company since 1918
  • Family business pur sang
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  • All-round knowledge and skills
  • All under one roof; the complete package of manufacture, overhaul, rental, delivery, maintenance and installation of steam boiler installations

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