Superheated water boilers

Viessmann superheated water boilers reach temperatures of up to 205°C. Kuiper en Zonen sells new and refurbished boilers. You can also contact us for rental and maintenance of hot water boilers.

Kuiper en Zonen sells new and refurbished superheated water boilers. A superheated water boiler is suitable for business processes and heating applications that require a supply temperature of more than 120°C. We use the boilers in district heating plants and industrial companies.

You can also contact us for renting and maintaining a hot water boiler. Do you use a supply temperature of up to 110 °C? Take a look at our hot water boilers.


Advantages superheated water boilers

These boilers are mainly used where thermal oil boilers are often not accepted by fire insurance or simply because the infrastructure of the pipeline route is not suitable for steam. This is how a Kuiper en Zonen hot water boiler can provide your company with even more benefits

  • High operational reliability and long service life thanks to wide water walls and large distances between the flue gas pipes.
  • Low energy consumption; depending on the flow temperature, the boiler efficiency can be as high as 92%. You can improve efficiency with a flue gas and heat exchanger.
  • Maintenance-friendly thanks to the water-cooled reversing pipes without burner refactory and the large cleaning doors.
  • User-friendly operation thanks to an HMI control

Main features superheated water boilers

The most important product features of our hot water boilers:

  • Hot water boiler on oil or gas for a supply temperature above 120°C.
  • Reliable heat transfer and good internal circulation due to the wide water walls and large water content.
  • Low radiation losses thanks to the 120 millimeter thick composite insulation, the insulated flue gas collection box and the water-cooled front wall.

Product solutions

Kuiper en Zonen offers the following Viessmann superheated water boilers:

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