Rental boiler

We can quickly deliver a rental boiler from stock. For example, if your own installation has failed or because extra capacity is temporarily needed when you move. A rental boiler can also offer a solution as a bridge during an inspection period. We guarantee fast service, delivery by our own transport and skilled technicians.

Choose a steam boiler from Kuiper en Zonen​

Renting a steam boiler from Kuiper en Zonen is a wise choice. As an internationally operating family business, you are assured of craftsmanship and years of experience. Thanks to our cooperation with the German boiler manufacturer Viesmann since 2003, the quality of the products is guaranteed, while we ensure appropriate engineering and implementation.

Steam boiler maintenance

In addition to the delivery of a new industrial steam boiler or the delivery of a rental boiler, we are also happy to assist you with the maintenance of your boiler. Perhaps you have a temporary rental boiler from Kuiper en Zonen because it is time for the two-yearly inspection period of your steam boilers. This is very important to keep your steam boilers in optimum condition. On average, the inspection of a boiler takes two days. If you have a smaller steam boiler, it is possible to complete the inspection within a day.

Delivery steam boiler from stock

We can supply the steam boilers, heating boilers, hot water boilers, flue gas coolers and degassers for hire directly from stock. We have standard boilers of 16 megawatts each in our range, which means we can deliver high capacity for district heating, for example.

  • Steam boilers from 0.5 – 25 tons per unit and pressures up to 25 barg
  • Hot water boilers from 170 kW to 16 MW
  • Hot water boilers from 785 kW to 16 MW

If you would like more information about the rental boiler or if you simply have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The oldest steam boiler company in the Netherlands

Kuiper en Zonen is a family business and has pure craftsmanship


Why choose Kuiper en Zonen?

  • Professional steam boiler company since 1918
  • Family business pur sang
  • Pure craftsmanship and impressive innovation
  • All-round knowledge and skills
  • All under one roof; the complete package of manufacture, overhaul, rental, delivery, maintenance and installation of steam boiler installations

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