Steam boilers and related products

We sell and rent a large number of different steam boilers and related products. Here you will find an overview. Do you have questions? We are happy to give you our advice. With us you can choose from a large number of different steam boilers and related products. Are you looking for a low pressure or high pressure steam boiler? Do you need a hot water boiler or do you want to purchase a hot water boiler? We are also happy to provide advice on the use of a flue gas cooler or degasser.

Hot water boiler or superheated water boiler

Hot water boilers are often used for floor and space heating in public and commercial buildings, for example. Super heated water boilers are used in processes that require a water temperature of 120°C or above. For example, in district heating plants, where several homes or companies are supplied with heat, or in industrial processes.

Flue gas cooler or degasser

With a flue gas cooler, an efficiency improvement of up to 16% can be achieved, depending on your business process. A flue gas cooler often pays for itself within less than six months. A degasser expels as much oxygen and free carbon dioxide as possible from the feed water, which could otherwise cause corrosion. Do you want to know more? Contact us without obligation.

Cooperation Viessmann

We work together with the German boiler manufacturer Viessmann, known worldwide for their steam boilers. Let us advise you about the various boilers, possible boiler repairs or maintenance. We are happy to think along with you about the possibilities for your company.

Low pressure or high pressure

Low-pressure steam boilers provide a required steam temperature below 110ºC. For example, they are widely used in care centers, bakeries and meat processing companies. Heavier industrial applications soon require a high-pressure steam boiler, which ensures a steam temperature above 110ºC. Ideal for applications that require continuous steam.

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