Degassers from Kuiper en Zonen achieve a residual oxygen content of 0.02 mg/l, without the addition of chemicals. Depending on the process and steam consumption, a degasser can save costs.

Kuiper en Zonen develops and sells degassers from its own factory, in collaboration with Viessmann. The degasser expels as much oxygen and free carbon dioxide as possible from the feed water. The gases could otherwise cause corrosion in the boiler and in the steam and condensate network. Kuiper en Zonen ensures anooutflow of oxygen and free carbon dioxide of 0.1 mg/litre.

Degasser reduces oxygen content

Corrosion is formed by the oxygen in water. Normally, cold water (10°C) has an oxygen content of 15 mg/litre. To prevent corrosion in your steam boiler, an oxygen content of less than 0.1mg/litre is required during the process. This can be done with as little use of chemicals as possible, a degasser reduces the use of chemicals by up to 80%.

Key features of Kuiper en Zonen degassers

Below you will find the most important product features of our degassers:

  • Large water side and steam side volume.
  • Large wall thickness of the hull and bottoms.
  • The interior is completely made of stainless steel 316 or s235 steel
  • Protection against oxygen corrosion by two layers of apexior coating.
  • Standard series or customer specification in any desired size from our own factory

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Spray degasser or cascade degasser?

Spray degassers are guaranteed to bring the oxygen content below 0.1 mg/litre. From a capacity of 2,000 kg of steam per hour, it is interesting to install a spray degasser at your boiler. The degasser distributes the water into the steam room via one or more nozzles. Cascade degassers even bring the oxygen content below 0.02 mg/litre.

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