High efficiency hot water boiler

Kuiper & Zonen supplies various HR hot water boilers from Viessmann. These high efficiency boilers are very reliable and efficient. You can also contact us for rental and maintenance.

With high-efficiency boilers, the flue gas temperature remains below the condensation point of 57°C. With this boiler you can achieve an efficiency of 109%. We can use this type of boiler, for example, for floor and space heating of apartment buildings, public and commercial buildings and district heating.

Our boilers with improved efficiency are in many cases available from stock. You can also contact us for renting and maintaining a heating boiler. Do you use a higher supply temperature? Then choose a boiler with an improved efficiency.

Advantages of a high-efficiency boiler

A heating boiler from Kuiper en Zonen offers your company many advantages:

  • Very environmentally friendly due to the clean combustion. the low load on the combustion chamber and the use of a continuous combustion chamber.
  • High operational reliability and long service life due to the efficient corrosion-resistant stainless steel heating surfaces (Inox Crossal)
  • Low-noise and environmetally friendly operation due to the matriX radiant burner.

Main features high efficienc

Below you will find the most important product features of our high-efficiency boilers:

  • Compact boiler body with large water capacity and efficient corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger surfaces for efficient HR utilization
  • A standard efficiency of 109%
  • Self-cleaning effect thanks to the smooth surface and stainless steel design.

Product solutions

Kuiper en Zonen offers the following high-efficiency heating boilers from the Viessmann brand:

  • VITOCROSSAL 200: 135 to 628 kW
  • VITOCROSSAL 200: 404 to 628 kW
  • VITOCROSSAL 300: 135 to 6628 kW
  • VITOCROSSAL 300: 787 to 978 kW

View the complete technical documentation of our products. Do you have questions? Contact us now. We are happy to help you.

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