Industrial steam boilers

Steam is used worldwide. A steam boiler generates steam from water by heating it. The most common applications of steam are to drive generators, to heat large installations and to propel ships..

Advantages of industrial steam boilers

Did you know that the use of industrial steam boilers is regarded as one of the most economical ways to generate energy? In addition, steam boilers offer more advantages:

  • Industrial steam boilers are a reliable source for efficient heating.
  • Possibility to burn various fuels such as biogas, natural gas and various oils.

Buy an industrial steam boiler

Do you want to buy an industrial steam boiler? At Kuiper en Zonen we offer a wide range of steam boilers. New steam boilers are supplied from our own management and built according to our own design in consultation with the customer.

Our boilers have a high efficieny, economical, reliable and last for years. When you choose a steam boiler from Kuiper en Zonen, you are assured of craftsmanship and high quality. We supply both new and used steam boilers and can deliver a complete turn-key project to you.

Industrial steam boiler rental

Are your steam boilers temporarily out of use for maintenance? Or do you expect to need a temporary increase in steam capacity? Then it is possible to rent an industrial steam boiler. Ideal for temporary commissioning. We can deliver a ready-to-use steam installation to you within a very short period of time.

In addition to steam boilers, it is also possible to rent heating boilers, hot water boilers, flue gas coolers and degassers from us. We have this entire range in stock so that we can guarantee fast delivery.

Maintenance of industrial steam boilers

You can also contact us for the maintenance of steam boilers. It is important that your steam boiler(s) are inspected. We also advise you to have preventive maintenance carried out. For years, Kuiper en Zonen has specialized in boiler maintenance and overhaul of associated appendages. Read our maintenance tips here. Even easier is the maintenance contract  from Kuiper en Zonen. This way you no longer have to worry about your steam boiler(s). Curious about the possibilities? Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are happy to offer you a tailor-made offer.

Why Kuiper and Zonen?

What started in 1918 as a small supplier of machines and steam boilers has grown into a large family business today. The fourth generation is currently striving for the sustainable continuation of the oldest steam boiler company in the Netherlands. We operate from the centrally located Ede, but are active worldwide as a reliable partner and supplier.

The oldest steam boiler company in the Netherlands

Kuiper en Zonen is a family business and has pure craftsmanship


Why choose Kuiper en Zonen?

  • Professional steam boiler company since 1918
  • Family business pur sang
  • Pure craftsmanship and impressive innovation
  • All-round knowledge and skills
  • All under one roof; the complete package of manufacture, overhaul, rental, delivery, maintenance and installation of steam boiler installations

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